ditch flower gallery

4801 HWY 215, Summerville, West Hants, NS

Ditch Flower Gallery is an exhibition and workshop space for local art and crafts in Summerville, Nova Scotia. On a seasonal basis artwork is featured and workshops will be offered by Cara Sawka, Rory MacDonald, as well as guest instructors. Objects to be found in the gallery include unique pillows, ceramics, stuffed animals, ironworks, painting, cards, prints, and pretty things…made by (mostly) local artists. Please check back here for updates.


“Be good to the earth, be good to each other, be kind to yourself.” -any person and any technology

Past Exhibitions:

Inaugral Summer Exhibition:

Thank-you to all the (mostly local) artists and artisans who participated in exhibiting their work in the first ever exhibition at Ditch Flower Gallery. June15 – September 7, 2019.
Jennifer Appleby, Denise Aspinall, Judi Bellamy, Terre Britton, Denise Bourgeois, Cathy Coates, Alexa Jaffurs, Sue Kerr, Susan Knowling, Rory MacDonald, Janet Manuel, Jacqueline Meyers, Ervin O’Brien, Elizabeth Robinson, Tacha Reed, Anne-Marie Sawka, Joshua Sawka, Cara Sawka, Liz Spencer, Denise Stockdale, Kate Vaseliw

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