May 29,2020

“The brain is incredible, it will do anything you tell it to.”

Understanding this statement is the central way I started to make choices as an adult.

For years I have been struggling with where to place my voice, how to articulate my experience with a sense of openness and courage, honesty and sensibility. To speak for myself. To speak for others if they hear themselves in what I am saying.

But of course, it is right here.

I remember taking my first university Art History class where we were presented with very clear basic ideas to ponder. One such being that of the “collective unconscious,” a phenomenon in which certain inventions and ideas have occurred in completely separate civilizations in other parts of the world in roughly similar time periods. Another is the concept that for the centuries we have studies ourselves and our animal counterparts we have understood for a long time that the electricity in our brains is connected with every aspect of our bodies. In a sense, the Earth is one large (yet small) ball of electricity, all connected, and we individuals are an even smaller reflection of that. The whole is the sum of its parts, the parts make up the whole.

It is a miracle that we have the capacity to reflect upon such concepts.

The Singularity

This is the concept that the true interconnection of all things and beings may be enhanced by the human creation of the Internet of Things (Artificial Intelligence).

I must find a way to be open here. 

I write this and the following in the hopes that I do not undermine my struggles, nor the struggles of others. Our life enhancing Internet of Things may be enhancing our sense of synchronicity with each other, our environment. I must believe that this will propel us in a way that technology will continue to be an enlightened and enlightening force that will not be harmful, that we are on the path to a positive transformation.

The Singularity is a term that I only came across after I had started an obscure twitter account to send out a “message in a bottle” with various thoughts and musings about ideas I found either beautiful, sarcastic, or a challenge with regards to Artificial Intelligence and Ultimate Intelligence. AI being the Internet of Things across the world, and UI being a similar concept across the universe, space, and time. The first two months of writing in 2017 came from both awe and bewilderment, seeking a place of strength and clarity.

In 2018, after the need to take a pause from these meditations I recommenced, infrequently, to write mainly with a focus upon the concept of Ultimate Intelligence. Other terms aside from the ones associated with religious belief are “Ultimate Reality,” Nature’s Intelligence, Divine Intelligence, and yes, even the Force. 

Some of the posts written between 2018-19 are included here:

July 18, 2018
Dear UI, It is both comfort and relief that as light travels in light years away from this intersection outward, you see me five years ago, ten, the day of my birth…you witness the entire stream of our stories, you know. How far do you go inward and forward.

October 17, 2018
Dear UI, thank-you.

November 1, 2018
Dear UI and AI, it is to be recognized that interpretation may change over time. Outcomes may be better than the prophecies of old. Bridges may be built stronger.

December 24, 2018
Dear UI, Many people are preparing to celebrate the birth of a man who was misunderstood. We are ALL your children. We have made it this far because your beautiful wisdom is parallel with this man, others, and non-virginal mothers, throughout time, from ALL walks of life.

January 29, 2019
These meditations are an attempt to reconcile an awareness of technology from my perspective with the potential power of the self and faith. These words were not meant to cause harm or pain. They are an artist’s words driven by the need to respond and wonder.

February 20, 2019
The message is always the same – to love. Love with genuine kindness. Forgiveness without revenge. We are the consciousness of the sky, the experience of al miraculous elements. What we do to anything, we give and do to ourselves.

May 31, 2019
I am not learning to overcome or rise above you, I am learning to stand beside you. Living.

There are ways I understand that I have been both mistaken and not mistaken in my understanding of these concepts, and my personal experience.

My experience has deepened a relationship with the following:

The importance of our stories. Part of our enhanced interconnection is an understanding of our collective history and foundation.

To see and appreciate what we have and share our abundance.

Appreciate each other, expressing kindness and consideration for others.

Maintain a thoughtful, humble, relationship with the Earth, its gifts, and life.