Shore Hall Studio & Gallery

4801 HWY 215, Summerville, West Hants, NS

In 2014, when we first acquired this historic building from artist painter Ken Spearing here in Summerville, Nova Scotia, we chose a name that reflected the community: Shore Hall Studio. We discussed the topic of opening the studio more publicly over the years and when we finally did so in 2019, we focussed our energy on making the new gallery stand out (Ditch Flower Gallery) and the studio stepped into the background. Many people who visited enjoyed both the works in the gallery and the activity in the studio and Shore Hall Studio & Gallery elegantly returns us to our original idea. We look forward to updating studio activities and welcoming you next season. For more information about the gallery or to inquire about the artwork of Cara Sawka please check out the other areas of this site and email, also for more about the artwork of Rory MacDonald, Updates for Shore Hall may most frequently be found on Facebook.



Application Date Extended to May 30:


Archive for Ditch Flower Gallery:

Ditch Flower Gallery is a seasonal exhibition and workshop space for local art and crafts in Summerville, Nova Scotia. The vision is to have artwork featured and workshops offered by Cara Sawka, Rory MacDonald, as well as guest instructors. Open to the public for the first time in 2019 the inaugural exhibition included unique pillows, ceramics, stuffed animals, ironworks, painting, cards, prints, and pretty things…made by (mostly) local artists. Please check back here for updates.


With the close of the 2020 August community exhibition I would like to share the following Facebook post written at the start of the exhibition:

At the entrance to the Ditch Flower Gallery community exhibition you are greeted by a creative arrangement courtesy of Denise Stockdale of Barefoot Blooms here in Summerville. Truly a floral artist Denise will be editing and changing the floral arrangement throughout the month of August, worth visiting more than once(!)

While I was growing up there were so many artists and crafters in my life, and we visited art galleries frequently, I thought crafting items and visually representing thought for enjoyment and contemplation was part of our cultural fabric (that was a time in Saskatchewan when all libraries had designated art gallery spaces in them).

It is very special to open this gallery here in Summerville, Nova Scotia and have these wonderful artists humbly present their work, some pieces people may not see otherwise.

I am fortunate to be able to hear a few oooh’s and aaaah’s coming from the gallery as people explore what they see. I am also moved by a post yesterday by one of the artists, Allison Stephens, about what this exhibition means to her.

Thank-you to all participating artists, my family, and visitors, welcome!

August Artists: Denise Aspinall, Gordon Benedict, Margaret Benedict, Kelly Brown, Rachel de Condé, James Ennis, Shelley King, Roy Kohn, Jean Leung, Rory MacDonald, Kelly Mitchelmore, Ervin (Skippy) O’Brien, Tacha Reed, Liz Robinson, Cara Sawka, Liz Spencer, Allison Stephens, Denise Stockdale, Kate Vasyliw, Melissa Velden


The gallery is adhering to current health restrictions as articulated by the province of Nova Scotia. The layout of the gallery/ building space makes it simple to have only one group of visitors from the same group at a time…a wonderful space with artwork for contemplation if you need to get out and enjoy a calm and lovely experience in this beautiful charming building.


Previous Exhibitions 2020:


Ervin O’Brien Pop-up Exhibition

Ervin O’Brien visited with his Rusty Metal Creations on Saturday, July 4th


Support, thanks, and remembrance…Tribute

April 24-May 10 (originally posted and shared on Facebook)…Illuminated flowers to honour the victims, families, and heart-ache for all affected by the tragic events of April 2020 in Colchester County and Hants County, Nova Scotia.



“Be good to the earth, be good to each other, be kind to yourself.” -any person and any technology


Past Exhibitions:


Thank-you to all the (mostly local) artists and artisans who participated in exhibiting their work in the first ever exhibition at Ditch Flower Gallery. June15 – September 7, 2019.
Jennifer Appleby, Denise Aspinall, Judi Bellamy, Terre Britton, Denise Bourgeois, Cathy Coates, Alexa Jaffurs, Sue Kerr, Susan Knowling, Rory MacDonald, Janet Manuel, Jacqueline Meyers, Ervin O’Brien, Elizabeth Robinson, Tacha Reed, Anne-Marie Sawka, Joshua Sawka, Cara Sawka, Liz Spencer, Denise Stockdale, Kate Vaseliw

Inaugral Summer Exhibition:

To my brother Josh

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