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Twitter: @CaraSawka or @ShoreHall


Artist Statement

If we have senses, we perceive space.

Sculpture and drawing are the methods I use to explore the commonality of sharing sensorial and emotional space through our bodies. We are sensitive to how the human form is portrayed through art, every nuance is a decision waiting to be perceived. Sometimes elegant, other times absurd, I create objects that I look at and say, and perhaps others will also say, yes, sometimes I feel this way.

I think of my sculpture as choreographed objects, opening up possibilities of implied movement with the static object and a relationship of objects to time, space, and gravity. It is my intention that viewers will encounter my work as though they are witnessing a three dimensional still of a performance, igniting the imagination for movement and narrative, not without an undercurrent of humour.



Cara Sawka is a sculptor living in Summerville, Nova Scotia, where she works at Shore Hall Studio. As a child in Regina, Saskatchewan, she was surrounded by a family of artists and artisans, encouraged to draw the human figure. Sawka’s interest in representing the human form in sculpture began early in her undergraduate program at the University of Regina leading her to a semester abroad in Florence, Italy. While attending Concordia University in Montreal for her Master of Sculpture degree artist Rober Racine described her work as a “choreography of sculpture” (2006) leading her to identify herself as such. Sawka has received assistance from the Saskatchewan Arts Board for several past projects, attended international and Canadian artist residencies including the Banff Centre and continues to work independently. She is currently working on a sculpture project funded by Arts Nova Scotia.



2008    MFA Studio Arts, Sculpture; Concordia University, Montréal, Québec, Canada
2003    BFA Sculpture; University of Regina, Regina, Saskatchewan
2001    Arte Sotto un Tetto, Florence, Italy; semester abroad


Residencies / Grants

2015    SOFA Chicago Educational Mission, Craft Alliance/ Métiers d’arts, Chicago, IL

2015   Arts Nova Scotia Grants to Individuals, Circus of Life project, Creation Grant

2010   Self-directed Residency, Visual Arts, Winter, Banff Centre for the Arts, Banff, Alberta

2010   Independent Arts Grant, Visual Arts, funding for program at the Banff Centre, Saskatchewan Arts Board

2009   Sculpture Department, Artist Residency, University of Regina, Regina, Saskatchewan

2008   Full Fellowship, Vermont Studio Center Visual Arts Residency, Johnson, Vermont, USA

2008   Can Serrat International Art Center Artist Residency, El Bruc, Spain

2006-7   MFA Graduate Fellowship, Concordia University, Montréal

2005   Visual Arts Individual Assistance Grant, Saskatchewan Arts Board

2004   Global Stone Workshop, Marina di Carrara, Italy

2003   Visual Arts Individual Assistance Grant, Saskatchewan Arts Board; Individuals sculpture series


Selected Exhibitions

2017   Circus of Life; solo sculpture exhibition, 2nd story, Cedar Centre, Windsor, Nova Scotia

2011   it’s not all about you; solo sculpture exhibition, Chase Exhibition Room, Halifax, Nova Scotia

2010   Thread-Bound; group exhibition with theme based on ‘the stitch’, Art Gallery of Regina, Regina, Saskatchewan

2008   Collision 4; MFA group thesis exhibition, Parisian Laundry, Montréal, Québec

2007-8   Ignition 4; MFA group exhibition, Leonard and Bina Ellen Art Gallery, Montréal

2006-7   ‘SCAM’ Small City Art Museums tour; selected works from the Individuals series included in group touring exhibition visiting the Art Gallery of Swift Current, Estevan Museum & Art Gallery, Moose Jaw Museum & Art Gallery, Art Gallery of Prince Albert, Esplanade Art Gallery, Two Rivers Gallery in Prince George, and the Kelowna Art Gallery