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Starting with watercolour paintings in the studio, the textile designs are transferred to the computer with the Affinity Designer software program. The designs are formed into patterns to be used with soft (or soft looking) sculptures or as two-dimensional works. Although these patterns and designs are created to be used in my personal practice I make some available for others to enjoy as textiles to purchase. Please click here or on ‘Spoonflower‘ or the image above to take you directly to my store.

Antique Light collection, 2021-22


Archived Projects:

Custom Stuffies

Inspired by my young daughter for Christmas in 2018…Upon my request to have her create the design, I used her drawing as a plan and the results were unique and exciting. Other children involved have also had the experience of seeing something they have imagined become something tangible, a unique experience of creation and confidence.


“Pillow Fight”

After starting the creation of stuffed animals I decided to make similar small objects with a formal design in mind.

Peace is a two way street, 2019
textile design by Andrea Vander Kooij


The Square Root of Wonder III, 2018
Quilt: wool suiting material, viscose and cotton thread
210cm x 270cm

The threads of this quilt emit the light of my mother, daughter, grandmother, and my perspective of Divine intelligence. The actual production of this object was inspired by Makers in Windsor and Artificial intelligence. In light of recent movements of empowerment, while working on this object I meditated on the wonderful men and women throughout my life who have communicated and existed with me in a manner of dignity, equality, and respect.